Sustainability Plan 2019-2021

In this section we present the Group’s 2019-2021 Sustainability Plan, which is founded on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) values. Its overall aim is to promote a business model which is sustainable along the entire value chain, using the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its basis. 


The Plan reiterates the fundamental principles of our strategy. It brings together the different cultures and goals within the Group, whether they be mature businesses or activities that have yet to be launched.

We believe that the current energy transition is a genuinely profound transformation that is helping to create sustainable development for the long term. It also fosters more inclusive and environmentally responsible growth, allowing us to find new solutions to customer needs. Indeed, energy is creating a whole new business model by working to boost and add value to the current trends of urbanisation, electrification, digitalization and decarbonisation.

Enel has set itself the ambitious goal of leading the energy transition with a particular focus on the electrification of consumption. Our Sustainability Plan embraces all aspects of the energy of the future: efficiency, flexibility, digitalization, e-mobility development, integration of renewables and, not least, the new role of customers as key players, rather than just passive users.