• Enel Headquarters, Rome

Starace and O’Keeffe on digital opportunities

Enel Headquarters,Rome

A new format of informal meetings was launched in Rome on 26 September 2016 with the objective of opening a dialogue on digital opportunities: #EnelFocusOn.

On the occasion of this first meeting, we presented Enel's new strategy and digital approach, starting from the new website Enel.com.

The meeting was held at the Rome headquarters of the Group, in the historical offices of Viale Regina Margherita, and saw the participation 18 guests among the leading main digital influencers on the Italian technology, communication and innovation scene. The guests anticipated and promoted the go-live of our corporate website through the hashtag #EnelFocusOn.

#EnelFocusOn was opened by Francesco Starace, Enel CEO, together with  Ryan O'Keeffe, Communications Director at Enel, Isabella Panizza, Head of Global Digital Communications, and Andrea Falessi, Communications Director at Enel Italy.

The initiative was a precious opportunity for an open discussion on our digital identity and to enhance the outer perception of the complex ecosystem in which Enel operates and implements its strategy Open Power with information: mobile first and user-centric approach, streamlining of touch points and storytelling are some of the tools used to capture attention and involve our users.

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  • Andrea Carini
    Freelance blogger and Digital Consultant
  • David Casalini
    Founder of Startup Italia and Che Futuro
  • Marco Esposito
  • Vincenzo Cosenza
    Strategist at BlogMeter and Blogger at Vincos.it
  • Davide Licordari
    Digital Communicator and Blogger
  • Luca Conti
    Social Media Consultant and Blogger at Pandemia.org
  • Luca La Mesa
    President Procter&Gamble Alumni Italia. SingularityU Rome Ambassador
  • Luigi Centenaro
    Founder of BigName and Personal Branding specialist
  • Claudia Vago
    Social Media Curator and Storyteller
  • Francesco Russo
    Social Media Strategist and Content Manager of InTime Blog
  • Orazio Spoto
    Instagramers Italia association co-founder and digital consultant
  • Mirko Pallera
    Founder & CEO at Ninjamarketing & Ninjacademy. Digital Branding & Social Media Strategist
  • Alessio Jacona
    Journalist, Consultant, Photographer
  • Federico Ferrazza
    Wired Italy Editor in Chief. Founder of the media company Galileo
  • Giovanni Iozzia
    Chief Editor at economyup
  • Alessandra Ravetta
    Co-Director of Prima Comunicazione
  • Michele Ficara Manganelli
    Editorial Director of Assodigitale.it

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