Our global approach

The energy transition is moving forward on two fronts: on the one hand, the development of renewables and technological hybridization, on the other, the decarbonization process.

The energy transition is a process already under way and is now unstoppable. We at Enel are at the forefront in driving the change towards a sustainable energy system in line with the UN’s SDG 13 (Climate Action), which is at the heart of our strategy. This is an ambitious goal that we aim to achieve by pursuing a virtuous journey along two pathways.

Underpinning the entire process is the growth in our production from renewable sources, which has already overtaken production from fossil fuels. Today, with around 59 GW of installed renewable capacity, we are the world’s leading private Group in the field of renewable energies and we plan to reach around 75 GW by 2025.

At the same time, we are progressively reducing the contribution from coal until it is completely eliminated: the closure of all coal-fired plants, which was originally planned for 2030, will now be completed ahead of schedule, in 2027. We are also transforming plants that use other technologies into innovative, modern and efficient energy centers, using renewable sources and batteries for energy storage. In some cases natural gas is used as a temporary source in order to ensure the stability of the energy system.

Thanks to our global approach, the decarbonization strategy implemented in countries such as Chile, Italy and Spain will help to test, improve and define circular economy best practices all over the world.

Decarbonization is a gradual process that involves many aspects that we at Enel are accelerating in order to foster the clean energy transition. All our actions are based on social and environmental sustainability. Every investment decision is made by listening to and involving local communities in order to transform it into a development opportunity for the region. Through our projects to create shared value we are committed to providing a tangible contribution to socio-economic development in full respect of the biodiversity in the areas in which we operate.

The energy transition is essential for the future of our planet, but in order to create value it must be just, sustainable and inclusive.