• New York City ePrix circuit in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Gabe Klein on sustainable mobility

New York City ePrix circuit in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC

#EnelFocusOn arrived in New York on 15 July 2017. On the occasion of the US stage of the Formula E championship, the first racing championship for 100% electric cars, the fourth meeting of #EnelFocusOn aimed to discuss e-mobility, renewable energy and smart cities.

During ePrix events, like the one in New York that was held in those same days, smart technologies and innovation speed at 200 km per hour toward the future, anticipating and testing the best solutions for the electric mobility of tomorrow.

The discussion was moderated by Gabe Klein, expert in urban and alternative mobility at Fontinalis Partners, a venture capital firm specialised in last generation transportation.

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  • Daniel Stedman
    Founder of the multi-platform media group Northside Media
  • Kate Burson
    Business Development at Tesla Energy of Tesla Motors
  • Andy Palanisamy
    Engineer and Founder of Smart City Transportation resource TransportGooru.com
  • Andrea Bertaglio
    Sustainability and Mobility focused Content Manager
  • Simone Cosimi
    Hi-tech editor at Wired Italy
  • Michela Cerruti
    Development and test driver for Romeo Ferraris racing team. Ex-Formula E driver
  • Enrica Pagani
    Editorial coordinator at Formula E dedicated e-magazine GREENGYNE
  • Roberto Leonetti
    Head of Mobility Blog Control de Tránsito
  • Omar Gamboa
    Blogger for El Tiempo
  • Francisco Morcillo
    Planner and Counsellor in Smart City Projects
  • Ankita Rao
    Editor at VICE’s Science and Tech site Motherboard
  • Heather Clancy
    Editorial Director and Senior Writer at the Tech and Sustainability focused Green Biz Group
  • Emanuele Francesco Pecora
    SunShot Science and Technology Policy Fellow at U.S. Department of Energy
  • Daniele Russolillo
    Senior Project Manager at the Foundation for the Environment in Turin
  • Franz Russo
    Founder of blog InTime, which offers web counseling
  • Angelo Balzaretti
    Founder of Formula E dedicated e-magazine GREENGYNE
  • Mauricio Bustamante
    News Anchor at Chilean News Outlet TVN
  • Antonio Garcia Celda
    Mobility and Smart Cities expert at Universitat València
  • Gonzalo Begazo
    Co-Founder and Chairman of On-Demand Smart City Deliveries Firm Chazki
  • Gabriel Do Prado Neto
    Presenter at tech podcast channel Mupoca

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