• Endesa Headquarters, Madrid

Madrigal on energy innovation

Endesa Headquarters,Madrid

The latest instalment of #EnelFocusOn held in Madrid on 14 November 2017 at the headquarters of Endesa, a company of the Enel Group and energy market leader on the Iberian peninsula. The building reflects our strategy of sustainability and has been awarded the Certification of Energy Efficiency, Environmental Management, and Indoor Air Quality, making it an ideal frame from which to host the fifth instalment of #EnelFocusOn dedicated to sustainable and innovative solutions for the energy industry.

Conducting the debate has been Alexis C. Madrigal, the American journalist and writer, expert of green technologies and renewable energies, and author of “Powering the Dream. The History and Promise of Green Technology”.

Madrigal offered a panorama of alternative energy innovations to a group of more than 20 influencers from countries throughout the world in which Enel operates, examining the topic with them in depth and looking together towards the future of sustainable energy technologies.

The meeting concluded with a short trip – naturally, on board of electric vehicles – to give those present an advance look at the new Enel Innovation Hub, inaugurated on 16 November 2017. The launch of the Hub was hosted at The Cube – one of the largest ecosystems of innovation in Spain. It was conceived in order to connect entrepreneurs and startups with multinationals, business angels, and venture capital, and the launch took place a few months after that of the hub at the University of California Berkeley (USA).

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  • Valerio Bassan
    Head of product strategy at Forbes Italy
  • Simone Tornabene
    Head of Strategy at imille
  • Marcos González
    Journalist and Founder of “Corresponsables”
  • Leandro Africano
    Journalist and University Professor
  • Santiago Villegas
    Digital Strategist
  • Thiago Mobilon
    Founder and CEO of Tecnoblog
  • Anton Chupilko
    Sustainability leader and Smart Tech Innovation Director
  • Antonio Serrano
    CEO at Spartanhack
  • Sergio Fernandez Munguia
    Engineering in the eolic sector
  • Rudi Bressa
    Environmental journalist
  • Francisco Morcilllo
    Engineering and Architecture Project Manager
  • Guillermo Mas
    Business Innovation Manager at Suez
  • Jairo Straccia
  • Giancarlo Falconi
    Innovation manager, startup accelerator
  • Victor Kapra
    Journalist, blogger and social media consultant
  • Stefan Junestrand
    CEO at Grupo Tecma Red
  • Jesus Fraile
    Professor at the “Universidad Politécnica de Madrid"
  • Gema Isabel Sánchez
    Project manager and Corporate Communications

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