• Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda, Santiago de Chile

Joel Comm on Blockchain

Centro Cultural Palacio de La Moneda,Santiago de Chile

On 2 February 2018, #EnelFocusOn took place in Santiago, Chile, at the Palacio de La Moneda Cultural Centre. The theme for this sixth edition was Blockchain for the energy industry.

Joel Comm, a Blockchain evangelist, illustrated the main potential applications of this technology for the energy industry, to a group of more than 20 influencers from various countries in which Enel operates.

The discussion was introduced by Ryan O’Keeffe, Enel’s Director of Communications.

The Chilean capital then provided the backdrop for the fourth race in the ABB FIA Formula E championship, the first ever 100% electric motor racing series. Enel is ABB FIA Formula E’s Global Power Partner.

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  • Franz Russo
    Social media strategist, content manager, blogger, founder of InTime_Blog, contributor at Fanpage and DigitalicMag
  • Joanna Prieto
    Teacher-researcher and Consultant in Strategic and Digital Communication and Education. Co-founder and CEO at geekgirlslatam.org
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    Editor at Grupo NZN
  • Fabrizio Villani
    Fintech expert and co-founder at Fintastico
  • Abdenasser Hantout Ziouziou
    Spanish-speaking community manager in the engineering and telecommunications sectors
  • Andrés Jara
    Lawyer at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. University professor. Entrepreneurship, legal innovation and technology specialist
  • Camilo Castro
    Co-creator of “Chaucha”, with César Vásquez
  • Claudio Zuchovicki
    Trade manager at Buenos Aires Stock Exchange
  • Abel Revoredo
    Geek lawyer. Board advisor of Lekcoin
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    Professor at Ca 'Foscari University, writer and blogger, responsible for Agenda digitale del Veneto, PM Open Government and Social Innovation
  • Othmane Amesnaou Alouat
    Spanish-speaking community manager in the engineering and telecommunications sectors
  • César Vásquez
    Electronic civil engineer. Creator of the "Chaucha" project, with Camilo Castro
  • Daniel Pérez Rada
    Creator of Epistemonikos, the world's largest database of systematic reviews in the health field

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