• Villa Lazzaroni, Rome

Solis on the future of e-mobility

Villa Lazzaroni, Rome

On April 13 2018 #EnelFocusOn touched down in Rome. The theme of this eighth meeting was the future of e-mobility.

Digital analyst, anthropologist and futurologist Brian Solis, who also writes for Adage, Forbes, Wired and VentureBeat, discussed the benefits of e-mobility in terms of sustainability with a group of influencers from the countries in which Enel works.

Introducing the event were Enel’s Director of Communications Ryan O’Keeffe and Enel X’s Head of e-Mobility Alberto Piglia.

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  • Luca Conti
    Social Media Consultant and Blogger at Pandemia.org
  • Aldo Pecora
    Journalist, Editor in Chief at ninjamarketing. Digital, startup, fintech & blockchain professional
  • Davide Bennato
    Sociology Professor at UNICT and blogger at tecnoetica.it
  • Andrea Bertaglio
    Content Manager focused on Sustainability and Mobility
  • Franz Russo
    Social Media Strategist and Content Manager of InTime Blog
  • Eliseo Salazar
    Formula 1, Indycar, Le Mans, Dakar and World Rally Championship race car driver
  • Marco Gisotti
    Journalist. Author Wikiradio, author at ungiornoallavolta.it, founder of GreenFactor Expert at Lavori Verdi
  • Daniele Russolillo
    Senior PM and Adviser: energy, smart cities, regulation, robotics, IoT, TechForGood, Africa, blockchain, ImpactInvesting
  • Jeremy Leggett
    Social entrepreneur & writer on energy, climate, development and tech. Founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid
  • Enrica Pagani
    Editorial coordinator at Formula E dedicated e-magazine Greenengyne
  • Andres Motta
    Radio, TV and Web entrepreneur
  • Valquíria Daher
  • Lorenzo Briotti
  • Simone Tornabene
    Communication Strategy Professor at IULM University, Head of Strategy at imille
  • Olimpia Schiavone
    ‎Digital and social media manager
  • Camillo Sirianni
    Blogger at CamiSiri.it, Management student at Università Cattolica del Sacro, Marketing at Jobiri
  • Marco Merola
    ournalist, Communication manager at fp7sunrise and at SafeArt Project, Communication manager of National Committee of Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Mirko Pallera
    Founder & CEO at Ninjamarketing & Ninjacademy, Digital Branding & Social Media Strategist, author of “Create!”
  • David Casalini
    Founder of Startup Italia and Che Futuro
  • Simone Cosimi
    Hi-tech editor at Wired Italy
  • Valerio Bassan
    Head of product strategy at Forbes Italy
  • Cristian Florea
    Sportsman and passionate about social media and WordPress
  • Rudi Bressa
    Environmental journalist
  • Letizia Palmisano
    Environmental journalist and social media consultant
  • Luigi Centenaro
    Founder of BigName and Personal Branding specialist
  • Nicola Andreetto
    Expert in motorcycles and communication
  • Angelo Balzaretti
    Founder of Formula E dedicated e-magazine Greengyne
  • Leandro Zanoni
    Journalist and writer about technology, advertising and new media
  • Guillermo Mas
    Business Innovation Manager in Suez
  • Francesco Paolo Russo
    Founder & CEO of ToBe srl
  • Tiziano Tassi
    Professor at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Partner and CEO of Caffeina
  • Luca Piscitelli
    Contributor at Staffetta Quotidiana
  • Luca Guzzabocca
    Procurement and supply chain professional, Greening Sport and Motorsport, General Manager at Right Hub
  • Gabriele Carbucicchio
    Entrepreneur, Management Consultant
  • Massimiliano De Masi
    Project Manager at Poste Italiane [Transport Networks & Fleet]

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