• DoubleTree Hotel, Santiago de Chile

Araya on how e-mobility helps public transport

DoubleTree Hotel,Santiago de Chile

On 25 January 2019 #EnelFocusOn returned to Santiago, Chile, to discuss e-mobility and public transport. Monica Araya, vice-chairperson of the board of the E-Mobility Association of Costa Rica and co-founder of Costa Rica Limpia, talked about how the electrification of public transport can revolutionise mobility and improve air quality and health.

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  • Marian Andrei
    Technology journalist. Racing driver
  • Dario Hidalgo
    Sustainable mobility researcher, executive director of the Despacio Foundation
  • Leonardo Silva Müller
    Journalist at NZN - NoZebra Network
  • Eliseo Salazar
    Former F1 driver and electric mobility specialist
  • Redmer Van der Meer
    Vice President Planning Office, Nissan Latin America
  • Davor Gjuranovic
    News reporter and presenter of programmes about the underground system, cars and buses for TVN, Chile’s national TV network
  • Alessandro Farruggia
    Journalist at Quotidiano Nazionale specialising in foreign affairs, environment, energy and defence, blogger and writer
  • Tom Moloughney
    Electric vehicle consultant, writer and sales trainer
  • Mariana Alegre
    Executive Director of Lima Cómo Vamos, columnist for Perú 21
  • Desireé Jaimovich
    Journalist with Infobae in Argentina, with a strong interest in technology and travel
  • Alberto Escobar
    Representative of the Agrupación de Movilidad Eléctrica de Chile
  • Federico Sanchez
    Architect and urban planner, presenter of City Tour, a Chilean TV programme about urban planning
  • Tyler Li
    Presidente of BYD Brasil
  • Sergio Fernandez Mungia
    Engineer in the wind sector. Passionate about renewables and electric cars

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