• Enel Americas Office, NYC

Wadia on sustainability and consumers

Enel Office,New York City

On 11 April 2019 #EnelFocusOn returned to New York City to discuss energy choices as a key factor in product sustainability. The keynote speaker, Cyrus Wadia, Sustainability leader and scientist specialised in climate change, innovation and sport, explained how today’s consumers make their purchasing choices according to product sustainability.

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  • Jodi Harris
    VP of Marketing Culture and Learning at AB
  • Gabriele Carboni
    Strategic Marketing, Digital Transformation and Communication at Weevo. Author, international speaker and journalist. Networking at Philip Kotler Italy
  • Alis Daniela Torres Espinosa
    Sustainable Energy, Climate and Resilience Officer at ICLEI
  • Michele Chicco
    Journalist at Wired Italia
  • Carlos Alberto Díaz Villán
    Expert in impact solutions in sustainable development projects
  • Nathália Abreu
    Economist, Co-founder of Autossustentável
  • Laura Ongaro
    Editorial and Brand Director, International at Penske Media Corporation
  • Simona Siri
    Journalist and writer
  • Daphne Patricia Castillo Ureña
    Strategy Consultant specialized in marketing, sustainability, innovation and tech. Leadership coach
  • Valerie Smith
    Managing Director and Global Head, Corporate Sustainability at Citi

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