• Hotel Sheraton Addis, Addis Ababa

Pilling on renewables for Africa

Hotel Sheraton Addis,Addis Ababa

On June 18 2019, #EnelFocusOn touched down in Addis Ababa to discuss how access to renewable sources can be used as a driver of economic, environmental and social growth in Africa. 
The keynote speech was delivered by David Pilling, Africa editor for the Financial Times, whose writing spans both economics and politics.

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  • Vera Songwe
    Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa
  • Ana Rovzar
    International Relations and Communication Manager at RES4MED
  • Jesper Hornberg
    Co-founder of Givewatts and Innovation Director at Global Resilience
  • Guido Talarico
    Chairman IQDMedias
  • Karen Basiye
    Sustainability and Shared Value Specialist at Safaricom
  • Joy Doreen Biira
    Journalist, Strategic Communicator, Moderator, Speaker and Content Creator
  • Roberto Vigotti
    Secretary General at RES4MED
  • Chiara Cecchini
    US Director and Co-Founder at Future Food Institute
  • Josefina Stubbs
    Senior Manager Multilateral Engagement at RES4AFRICA
  • Jon Lezamiz Cortazar
    African Market Development Director at Siemens Gamesa

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