• Enel Smart Grid Lab, Milan

Parsons on digital platforms to improve the relationship with customers

Enel Smart Grid Lab,Milan

On 22 October 2019 #EnelFocusOn was in Milan to discuss how digitalization and electrification can act as drivers for sustainable urbanisation supporting decarbonisation. The keynote speech was given by Kathryn Parsons, co-founder and CEO of the technical startup Decoded. She also discussed the subject with Silvia De Francisci, Head of New Technologies and Innovation at Enel Brazil.


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  • Kevin O’Donovan
    Technology Evangelist
  • Mila Fiordalisi
    Director of Corcom.it
  • Pablo Bustamante
    Owner at GEOCyL Environmental and Regional Consultancy, Smart Cities and GIS Expert
  • Radu Neagu
    Tech influencer and vlogger at Cavaleria.ro
  • Mirko Pallera
    Founder & CEO at Ninjamarketing & Ninjacademy, Digital Branding & Social Media Strategist, author of “Create!”
  • Evgeny Kozlov
    Marketing Director at Httpool Russia
  • David Casalini
    Founder & CEO of Startup Italia
  • Luiz Yassuda
    Creator/Podcaster - B9/Mupoca
  • Jean-Marc Lazard
    CEO of Opendatasoft
  • Robert Denda
    Head of Network Technology and Innovability at Enel

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