Enel and its digital identities, so unique, so different

Enel and its digital identities, so unique, so different

A major step in the company’s new digital strategy is made in Romania: for the first time there will be a single website for both corporate and consumer contents. It will be a pilot experience that will set the course for a global change

Enel’s website of the future will see the light in Romania. It will be single, simpler and more user-friendly website which will be the go-to source for both corporate and consumer contents. The pilot website enel.ro which was recently presented in Bucharest provides a comprehensive picture of Enel engaging users in an exciting and addictive communication pathway that catches their attention and builds trust.


A global digital strategy

“The Romanian website marks the first step in a global digital strategy that Enel will implement in other countries in 2017,” explains Isabella Panizza, Head of Global Digital Communications. “It is a new identity in line with the Open Power strategy that is making Enel an increasingly transparent and innovative utility, changing the approach to digital technologies by focussing on users, their needs and on the ability to listen. All this is being pursued within the framework of a single brand with a dynamic and colourful personality which is the perfect metaphor for energy, just like the cursor in the logo which is the main element of our new identity.”

It is a brand that embodies a straightforward and consistent corporate identity which is attentive to every single consumer, to promoting diversity and to tackling the most relevant challenges in the energy industry, including production from renewable energy sources, the fight against CO2 emissions, innovative, cutting-edge sustainable technologies, and the development of solutions and services for energy efficiency and informed consumption. 

"The website in Romania is a pilot website which will set the course for a global change and make the company more open, transparent and focussed on the needs of customers"

Isabella Panizza, Head of Global Digital Communications


Indeed, Enel has changed its communication strategy to keep up with technological innovation and with the transformations that are changing the face of the energy industry. Launched a year ago with the new logo and the new website enel.com, the new website presented in Bucharest marks a new milestone in this strategy.

“Why have we chosen Romania? It is the perfect testing ground for this challenge,” explains Michele Grassi, General Director at Enel Energie. “The customer base in Romania is limited (2.7 million users compared to over 30 million in Italy), but technologically mature, with a strong propensity for digital technologies and one of the fastest Internet infrastructures in the world. Enel aims to become one of the key players in the liberalisation of the market underway in the country and adopting a digital approach is crucial to this effort.”


The Open Power Language in all its facets

Openness, transparency, innovation and sustainability, shared value creation, digitalization and the attention to customers are the principles expressed through the Open Power concept which is the style that inspires Enel’s new way of communicating its values.

"Open Power is the strategy on which we have built an innovative communication model, starting from the new logo. It is the first step in telling the world that we have changed and that we want to be open, to listen and to understand the way in which we can meet the needs of our customers"
Ryan O’Keeffe, Director of Communications

Launched together with the new logo in January 2016, the new corporate website enel.com is no longer a sort of “silos” portal, but is now an open virtual platform where users are placed at the centre and can find useful information and engage in an intuitive, best-in-class experience made possible by the best software and navigation systems. The website is engaging and accessible using any mobile device (smartphones or tablets) and more importantly it is a genuine digital ecosystem, a virtual and ideal place for the public to keep up-to-date and share information.

The next step has been to replicate the model across the entire network of Group websites in a sort of virtual relay race in which one website and country hands over the baton to the next. So, after enel.com (which had its “first check-up” in September), it is now the turn of the new consonant and extremely personalised country websites: Enel.it, Endesa.com, the pilot websites Enel.ro and Enel Chile, followed by Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Russia, Colombia and the Global Procurement website. The new Enel Green Power website is online as well. It has been completely transformed to be more accessible, rich in information and more user-friendly.

“It has been a huge effort that has led us to streamline the number of Group digital touch points bringing them down to 67 from 195. It is easy to recognise a common approach, but each is different and modelled to fit the identity of each country,” adds Panizza.


The never-ending story of energy

The new digital identity of the Group helps promote the brand and enhance and inspire new and unprecedented challenges. The goal is to tell about the transformations of energy and the thousand faces that it takes in the reality in which we operate. And in doing so, we ask our users for their help. Just like in Michael Ende's fantasy novel, “The Neverending Story,” each character and every episode of the adventure are potentially the beginning of “another story," a branch that grows out of giant evergreen tree.

As Ryan O’Keeffe, Director of Communications, notes, “The new digital communication ecosystem is a tool we wish to use to explain who we are and what we do to the world. It is no longer—and not only—a matter of giving a list of 5 bullet points saying ‘We have an installed capacity of 96 GW, 1.9 million kilometres of power lines, 70 thousand employees, 61 million customers and a presence in 33 countries’, but also of explaining where these figures come from.”