Simplification and creating new value: the importance of a trusted energy partner

Simplification and creating new value: the importance of a trusted energy partner

Enel X is addressing the energy transition through sustainable and circular solutions, combined with a broad-based business in order to enhance its role as Reference choice for customers.

By Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X

The way energy is being used is in a phase of profound evolution. People, businesses, and public administrative bodies now have the opportunity to reap new benefits from the methods used to electrify homes, businesses and cities. The panorama of energy opportunities offers challenging levels of complexity, but anyone can become an active player in the energy transition with the help of the right partner.

Enel X is changing the paradigms of the energy industry and has set itself the goal of helping its customers transform energy into new opportunities through the use of technology. To achieve this goal, Enel X aims to provide its customers with simple, scalable and effective solutions that reduce complexity and create new opportunities for sustainable growth, thereby enhancing its role as Reference choice for customers.

In order to tackle the ongoing energy transition, we are focusing on four trends: decarbonization, electrification, digitalization and new customer experience. We want to assist customers in making their use of energy more sustainable and efficient, through electrification and digitalization, and in creating new value, through the offer of new products and services. Our role is as a catalyst for change, with unique know-how in finding, feeding, fusing, and fine-tuning innovative technologies that we can turn into intuitive solutions that encourage smarter living by people, cities and businesses.

Thanks to its six business lines (e-Home, e-Industries, e-Mobility, e-City, Financial Services and Ultrabroadband), Enel X is able to take the relationship between customers and energy to a new level in each area. While before there were only procurement costs, now there can be new shared values.

Enel X’s success in boosting change and innovation in the energy sector is increasingly recognized at the international level, as described by Henry W. Chesbrough, adjunct professor and faculty director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, in the “Enel X: Driving Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector” case study, which won the 2021 Best Business Case for the Haas School of Business.


Unlocking new value from energy

Enel X’s solutions enable people to improve their everyday lives: from their living spaces - thanks to home automation and energy efficiency - through the world of electronic payments integral to commuting and travel - thanks to the evolution of electric mobility that is supported by an increasingly widespread network of public and private charging infrastructures.

Businesses have the certainty of being able to enjoy the benefits of the 24/7 presence of a privileged energy partner. Companies can choose, from Enel X’s innovative range, the scalable and sustainable solution that is right for them, unlocking new value for themselves, for the environment as well as for the electricity grid, transforming themselves from consumers into prosumers whenever it is necessary.

Whether it be a village or a metropolis, public administrative bodies know that Enel X is the best choice for changing the face of their municipality. Integrated lighting technologies, smart public furniture and electrification of urban transport transform every administrative aspect into a Smart City, satisfying the needs of their citizens while respecting the possibilities of each institution.

Enel X's energy revolution is in progress, yet it is already future-proof. The proposed solutions are the result of a merger between digital innovation, the quest for sustainability and constantly listening to customer needs, in addition to being entirely focused on circularity. The five business models of the circular economy intersect with key Enel X dimensions and their suppliers, helping the company to increase the circularity of their solutions, making them all the more sustainable.

The numbers help confirm that Enel X is the best choice for customers: 3.6 million people have already benefited from the offerings of e-Home services, while 2.8 million state-of-the-art LED lights illuminate cities around the world. In those same streets there are around 186,000 charging points for electric vehicles, a number that the company aims to increase significantly in the coming years. Moreover, we reached almost 1,000 e-buses served, mainly in South America, at the end of 2020. Lastly, over 6.0 GW of flexible managed capacity gives Enel X world leadership in the Demand Response sector.

To face the today’s challenges, as well as those of the future, new energy is needed, and it must be smarter, more sustainable, as well as capable of creating value. Partners like Enel X are able to proactively respond to the changes underway and transform these opportunities into reality.