Enel Spa private placements

Issuer ISIN Code Currency Typo Notional /Mios Coupon Issue Date Expiry Date Issue Price
Enel SpA XS0137705579 EUR Structured Note
100 5% up to 12/09, thereafter 87% of Eur 10y swap rate 31/10/2001 19/12/2031 100.000
Enel SpA
XS0176748894* EUR Bond
40 5.675% 01/10/2003 01/10/2032 100.000
Enel SpA XS0176845666* EUR FRN
40 Euribor 6m+0.620% 18/09/2003 20/10/2032 99.420
Enel SpA XS0177699369* EUR Bond
125 5.500% 07/10/2003 07/10/2033 98.421
Enel SpA XS0178997242* GBP Bond
40 5.584% 07/11/2003 07/11/2033 100.000
Enel SpA XS0188004542* EUR Structured Note
150 5.6% up to 2011, thereafter converted in Euribor 6m+0.49% 15/03/2004 15/03/2029 100.000

Issued at the beginning by Enel Investment Holding B.V. On June, 20th 2006 it has been signed an agreement in relation to the substitution from Enel Investment Holding B.V. to Enel S.p.a.

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