Sustainable supply chain

Enel bases its purchasing processes on pre-contractual and contractual conduct geared towards mutual loyalty, transparency and collaboration. In addition to guaranteeing the necessary quality standards, supplier performance must go hand in hand with the commitment to adopting best practices in terms of human rights, working conditions, occupational health and safety, and environmental responsibility.

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In recent years, Enel has organized many meetings with contractors on sustainability issues in order to promote dialogue and share ideas and approaches, as well as create opportunities to educate suppliers and help them grow.

Enel & Suppliers for Sustainable Value: Supplier Development Program and Supplier Journey

Various initiatives have been launched to enhance the resilience of our supply chain and put the concept of supplier centricity into a more concrete, tangible form.

One example is the Supplier Development Program, which was launched in July 2020 to guide suppliers in their growth while working towards achieving the Group’s strategic goals.

This program addresses all of Enel’s small and medium-sized suppliers which operate in the Company’s strategic focus areas, seek high performance, and maintain long-term achievement in aspects such as safety, timeliness, quality, environment, human rights, fair practices, Innovability® (i.e., the ability to innovate sustainably) and collaboration. By signing agreements with the main market players, Enel brings its skills and networking capabilities to the supply chain, providing above-standard market conditions and covering some of the services offered as part of the program


In addition to dimensional growth, Enel therefore hopes to promote development by:

  •  increasing awareness about sustainability and digitalization;
  • differentiation of the business and consequent reduction in supplier dependence on us;
  • bolstering financial strength;
  • expanding internationally, a factor that drives the further growth of Enel’s business outside Italy and Europe.

The Supplier Journey project, on the other hand, aims to streamline the relationship between Enel and its suppliers and to maximize the value of supplier relations. Here again, the Group analyzes the processes, systems and approaches taken when working with suppliers on a daily basis, to identify areas of improvement that emerge from listening to buyers, contract managers, administrative colleaguesand the suppliers themselves.