A sustainable supply chain

Mutual loyalty, transparency and collaboration are the hallmarks of Enel’s procurement processes for pre-contractual and contractual behavior. Suppliers’ performance, in addition to ensuring the necessary qualitative standards, must also keep in step with the commitment to adopt best practices in terms of human rights and working conditions, health and safety in the workplace and environmental responsibility.

of suppliers certified for health and safety, environmental and human rights aspects
coverage rate of tenders with sustainability KPIs
people working at contracted companies

Find out more in the chapter on “Suppliers” – in the section on “Our performance.”

In recent years Enel has organized numerous meetings on sustainability with contractors in order to foster dialogue and the exchange of ideas and approaches. This is also with a view to creating opportunities for training and supplier growth.

Enel & Suppliers for Sustainable Value: the Supplier Development Program and the Supplier Journey

Various initiatives have been launched in order to increase the resilience of the supply chain and make the concept of Supplier Centricity more tangible.

One example of this is the Supplier Development Program, which was launched in July 2020 to support suppliers on their growth pathway and, at the same time, contribute to achieving the Group’s strategic goals. The program is intended for all small and medium-sized enterprises supplying Enel, operating in areas of strategic interest for the company. This is in order to guarantee that they perform well and maintain high standards over time in terms of safety, punctuality, quality, environment, human rights and propriety, Innovability® (the capacity to innovate in a sustainable way) and collaboration. Through agreements with the main market players, Enel makes the Group’s capacity to create networks and its expertise available to the supply chain. This ensures both favorable conditions compared with those of the market and a contribution to the partial coverage of services offered as part of the program.

The development that Enel intends to promote, in addition to growth, is focused on:

  • raising awareness of sustainability and digitalization issues;
  • differentiating business and consequently reducing suppliers’ dependence on Enel
  • increasing financial robustness
  • internationalization, an enabling factor to further grow Enel’s business outside Italy and Europe.

The Supplier Journey project, on the other hand, aims to boost efficiency and maximize value in the relationship between Enel and its suppliers throughout the process. Here too the Group is active in analyzing its own processes, systems and the approach with which it interacts and works with suppliers on a daily basis. This fosters improvement actions that arise from listening to the key players in this relationship: buyers, contract managers, administration colleagues and the suppliers themselves.