Biodiversity policy

Enel’s roadmap on biodiversity conservation is in line with the Kunming-Montreal global biodiversity framework, embracing the mission of taking action to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. In particular, our Company is committed to:

  • applying the mitigation hierarchy principle in all project phases, avoiding and reducing impacts on high biodiversity areas and ecosystem functions and services, reducing deforestation and habitat transformation; where avoidance is not possible, we strive to minimize adverse impacts, implement rehabilitation and restoration measures and finally, compensating for residual impacts;
  • implementing, in the case of biodiversity significant residual impacts for new development projects, compensatory works according to the commitment of “No Net Loss” of biodiversity and “No Net Deforestation”, and where applicable to have a Net Positive balance;
  • assessing and transparently disclosing impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities on biodiversity along operations, supply and value chains, setting goals and targets on priority issues;
  • promoting biodiversity and nature-based solutions integration into business solutions for customers and urban ecosystem, boosting related environmental and social positive impacts;
  • collaborating with public administrations, research centers, environmental and social associations and international stakeholders, as partners in the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of resources, fostering new innovative and systemic approaches and synergies while respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities;
  • monitoring and reporting progress towards the achievement of local and global goals and targets in alignment to main international standards and in a transparent and responsible approach, for accounting performances on biodiversity and natural capital management;
  • promoting environmental awareness towards workers and stakeholders, to valorize biodiversity conservation and responsible use of natural resources.