Human rights

Our pledge to respect human rights is the guiding principle that permeates all our activities and it is fully integrated into our corporate purpose and values, since we belong to the territory, and we are an essential element in the lives of people, businesses, and society at large.

We require our contractors, suppliers and commercial and financial partners to adhere to the same principles.

Promoting the respect of Human Rights is a fundamental element to empower sustainable progress.


We uphold both the United Nations Protect, Respect and Remedy framework outlined in its guiding principles on business and human rights and the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises.

Enel’s Board of Directors has adopted, since 2013, a human rights policy. Such policy has been refreshed in 2021 and strengthens and expands on the commitments already enshrined in the Code of Ethics, Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan and in the global corporate criminal risk prevention models.

The Policy identifies twelve principles, classified into two macro-issues: labour practices and community relations and society, and set out how environmental degradation and climate change are intertwined with human rights since the implementation of measures to mitigate their effects will happen only if their social impact is taken into account.

In 2013, we have also developed a Global Framework Agreement with trade unions that acknowledges how human, social and working rights are at the center of our business operations and how social dialogue is the preferred route to pursue mutual interests.

We have developed a 4-step human rights due diligence process across our entire value chain and countries of operation:

  • Assessment of risk perceived by key stakeholders, at the individual country level, with regard to labor, local community, and environment rights;
  • Gap analysis aimed at identifying and analyzing the organizational and risk control systems;
  • Development of action plans to cover any area of improvement identified by the previous step;
  • Monitoring of action plans and remedies.

In each country where the Enel Group operates, specific improvement plans are defined and actions are planned to cover 100% of operations and sites.

Furthermore, stakeholders – whether internal or external - believing a violation might have occurred, may resort to the dedicated contact channels listed in our human rights policy.

Enel_Politica sui diritti umani_ Human rights policy_2021 | ITA – ENG

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Enel position on Colombian Coal supply

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