Health and safety in the workplace

For us, health and safety and people’s psychological and physical wellbeing are the most valuable of assets. They must be protected at all times in life, at work, at home and during leisure time. We are committed to developing and promoting a solid culture of safety across the entire company to guarantee a work environment free from dangers to health and safety.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate – LTI FR (Combined Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate)
Extra checking on site (ECoS) Safety and Environment
Million hours of training for Enel staff

Enel and nuclear

As part of its activities in nuclear technologies, Enel is publicly committed, as a shareholder, to guaranteeing that its own nuclear plants adopt a clear nuclear safety policy and that such plants are managed according to criteria capable of ensuring safety as an absolute priority.

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Several innovation projects on safety proceeded and various new projects were launched in 2021, in continuation of what was developed over the past years, in order to improve processes, starting from personnel training, continuing with the implementation of preventive and protective measures, up to the execution and analysis of corrective checks.

Technology and innovation for guaranteeing the safety of our people

What is Intrinsic Safety? It is an ethical and moral duty to Enel people and to everyone who works with Enel.

The project is focused on servicing power plant components and equipment and reviewing processes with a view to making them intrinsically safe even in the case of human error on the part of those operating our infrastructure and plants. Launched in 2020 and currently being adopted in the 31 countries where the Generation Business Line operates, Intrinsic Safety was also extended in 2021 to all of the critical infrastructure managed by the Distribution Business Line with the launch of the analysis and engineering phases for components and processes in the 9 countries where it is present.


Technology and innovation are cornerstones that support our strategy to improve safety, together with digitalization to support operational activities. The use of artificial intelligence enables us, in fact, to ensure adequate safety conditions at assets and plants, with an approach that involves prevention and real time monitoring of these plants.

This is the case of the app 5 Regole d’Oro (5 Golden Rules)1, an application used in the Distribution Business Line that makes it possible to guide and support Enel personnel operating in the field with the correct implementation of five actions necessary for securing electricity installations to prevent electrical accidents. The app does not only represent a tool to support, orient and guide, but also a tool for monitoring, reporting and post-analysis of the actions performed, making it possible to detect non-compliant actions and identify areas for improvement.


1 The five Golden Rules are: 1) section off and completely disconnect the plant and in particular the area where you will be working, 2) secure against reconnection and put up warning signs, 3) check for the absence of voltage in the work area, 4) carry out earthing and short-circuiting, 5) provide protection against adjacent live parts.