Health and safety in the workplace

The health, safety, and psychological and physical well-being of each individual is the most precious asset to be protected at all times, at work as well as at home and during leisure time. As part of a broader commitment to respect for human rights, we are committed to developing and promoting a robust safety culture in order to guarantee a healthy and hazard-free work environment for all those who work with and for the Group.

The unwavering commitment of all, integration of safety into processes and training activities, reporting and analysis of events, rigorous selection and management of contractors, continuous quality controls, sharing of experiences and benchmarking with the top international players are the foundational elements of our safety culture.

total recordable injury frequency rate (TRI FR) Enel and companies combined (2.86 in 2021; -21.3%)
extra checking on site (ECoS) safety and environment (279 in 2021; -22.2%)
lost time injury frequency rate (LTI FR) Enel and companies combined (0.65 in 2021; -23.1%)

Enel and nuclear

As part of its activities in nuclear technologies, Enel is publicly committed, as a shareholder, to guaranteeing that its own nuclear plants adopt a clear nuclear safety policy and that such plants are managed according to criteria capable of ensuring safety as an absolute priority.

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