Organizational model under Law-Decree 231/2001

Enel consistently with the obligations that it declared and subscribed with the Code of Ethics towards its stakeholders, became in 2002 the first Italian company to adopt the Organizational and management  Model prescribed by Italy's Law Decree 231 of June 8th. 2001, which introduced a system of  liability that is defined as administrative but is actually criminal for specific offences of which companies are charged.
The Organizational and management Model, originally adopted by means of deliberation of  the Board of Directors of Enel SpA on July 23rd. 2002, has been updated and integrated over time, as successive legislative interventions broadened the category of offenses that are considered as falling within the administrative liability provided for by Law Decree 231/01.

The Model adopted by Enel contains provisions that are consistent with the guide-lines drawn up by the associations of this sector and with the best practices of the United States, thus advancing further toward greater rigor, transparency and responsibility in both its internal and external relations, while it offers stakeholders the best guarantees of an effective and correct management.

The Enel Model is made up of a “General Part” and single “Special Parts” regarding the different kinds of crimes and administrative infractions that must be prevented.

Any breach or suspected non-compliance of the Model 231/01 and/or any other pertinent information concerning its implementation should be pointed out to the Enel SpA Control Body.

Observations can be sent in writing to the following address:

Enel Spa, Funzione Audit
Enel SpA Control Body

Via Dalmazia, 15

00198 Roma

Last updating as of: February 6, 2019

Organizational model under Law-Decree 231/2001

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