Zero tolerance of corruption plan

Enel performs its daily activities in compliance with its Code of Ethics. Our business plan is supplemented by specific Corporate Social Responsibility objectives published in the Sustainability Report. We have joined the United Nations Global Compact together with some 60 other international companies that are active in the fields of energy, building and mining. Enel has also signed on to the “Partnering Against Corruption Initiative” launched by the World Economic Forum at Davos in January 2005, which has developed principles and practices to ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

Consequently, the Enel Group has developed an anti-corruption plan: Zero Tolerance of Corruption. It reaffirms the need to comply with the principles of honesty, transparency and fairness in performing one's work, as well as setting out specific anti-corruption measures to be adopted in relationships with stakeholders: partners, subsidiaries, suppliers and advisors, and co-workers.
In drawing up the ZTC Plan, the working group drew on the skills of Transparency International, incorporating in the Plan the principles of transparency recommended by Transparency International regarding bribery and facilitation payments, contributions and sponsorships, gifts and purchasing procedures.

Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan

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