Enel's worldwide presence bringing big numbers


With 1,863,524 kilometres of electricity lines and 60,777,768 customers in 12 countries, the Enel Group has a huge presence in Europe and Latin America, combining distribution, generation, renewable energy and upstream gas. Free and captive market customers around the world can turn to the Enel Group and its subsidiary businesses for the supply of gas and electricity.

In 2013 the Group's net energy generation amounted to 286,146 gigawatt hours, which was generated through a balanced mix of sources in which renewables (hydroelectric, wind power, geothermal, biomass and PV solar, etc.) play a central role, while fossil fuels are diversified between natural gas, coal and fuel oil.  Over the course of 2013, 46.7 percent of the Group's total energy generation was zero emissions.

Enel's distribution network crosses Italy, Romania, Spain and Portugal and Latin America, and thanks to its over 1.8 million km of power lines, last year the Group's companies distributed 404 terawatt-hours of electricity, as well as introducing innovation and smart distribution solutions for the benefit of its customers and national electricity systems.

Enel sells electricity in 12 countries. The Group's commercial companies operate both on the captive market, with controlled tariffs, and on the free market, meeting the needs of the Group's 60,777,768 customers, of which 56,317,734 are in the electricity market and 4,460,034 in the gas market. Additionally, the Group employs more than 71,000 people worldwide, plus more than 95,000 contracting workers.