PortalOne: Global Procurement efficiency


Since October Enel's global procurement system PortalOne has been available to suppliers in Iberia and Latin America. The portal can be used by all of the Group's suppliers worldwide and offers an integrated management of contacts, documents and information on tenders, providing a multilingual service with a single access point to each country's procurement portal.

The process through which up to now suppliers in the two regions switched from the SAGA7 registration system to the PortalOne platform has also been simplified.

This is big step towards the making management of relationships with suppliers more cost effective and transparent. Moreover, the increasing of operational cost efficiency will enable the freeing up of considerable resources to be used in key development areas like research and innovation.

Suppliers in Spain, Portugal and Latin American will be able to manage their relations with any Group business through a single registration process, which will give them access to the Enel supplier database and all of Enel's procurement systems.

PortalOne will make the implementation and management of systems aimed at verifying compliance with workers' rights more simple, as well as of programmes that help bring contractors in line with the Group's safety standards. Over the course of 2013, the OneSafety – Contractors project was launched, promoting the adoption by contractors of conduct self-assessments that aim to reduce risky behaviour on the part of its personnel.