EVA, award-winning E-mobility… at the touch of a button


How do you go about planning trips and commutes with your electric vehicle in a big South American city, without running out of "energy"? How about planning each trip at the touch of a button, thanks to a downloadable app for your smartphone or tablet, that tells you where to recharge your car quickly at a station that is compatible with your electric vehicle?

The answer is simple: EVA, an automated charging system for electric vehicles that was developed by Enel in Colombia, through its subsidiary Codensa. EVA (Electric Vehicle Application) combines digital and electronic technologies, offering an innovative solution whose potential in terms of development and sustainability has earned it the “Accenture Innovation Award 2015”, in the Energy Resources category. 

Condensa received the recognition, following a vote by a panel of experts and a web vote open to the Colombian public. The jury has defined EVA as ‘the best initiative to efficiently use energy resources, a solution that is innovative and competitive, and that contributes to the economic development of the country.’

EVA also stands out for its flexibility: it offers a technological system that is capable of managing the charging systems of just about any brand, while automatically managing various features and providing real-time information to customers. According to the jury, the system developed by Enel also has a positive impact on society in general, given the high level of satisfaction expressed by customers and interest groups. This automated system has major short-term development prospects (two/three years) and can be transferred for use in other countries, with an estimated payback period of about three years.

EVA is a one of a kind automated system that provides real-time information on Bogotá’s charging stations, through an app that informs users on which stations are compatible with their electric vehicles and where they are located. The application offers customers a range of additional services such as alerts for scheduled maintenance, user-charging statistics over the last billing period, a text messaging system allowing customers to get directly in touch with Codensa, and the possibility to choose your itinerary on a city map.

Making traffic sustainable in a city such as Bogotá is one of those difficult challenges that we love to face. Our goal is to innovate in order to create value for communities, especially in areas such as Colombia, where the abundance of renewable resources and a favourable regulatory framework facilitate their growth. The best way to be sustainable and innovative is to spread our green technology and develop solutions to make it ever more efficient and simpler to use.