Together for Open Innovation


By definition, Open Innovation is open to contributions from the outside, so it is natural that those who opt for this model of innovation also tend to embrace collaboration. And this is the point of the Open Innovation Club.

The initiative is promoted by Roma Startup, an association that was established to encourage the growth of the startup ecosystem in Rome with the goal of creating a hub for Italy, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

The Open Innovation Club initiative was launched by the association, of which Enel is a member, on 18 July at the Enel CreActive Space dedicated to creativity and innovation. At the event we shared Enel’s experience and expertise that were presented by Ernesto Ciorra, Enel Chief Innovability Officer. Openness to internal and external input is the spirit that characterises the Enel Open Power approach, because even the most cutting-edge organisations need ideas from the outside in order to innovate.

Gianmarco Carnovale, President of Roma Startup, presented the initiative and the goals of the association: to create a network, support it at a political level and promote it in society. Other participants offered their different perspectives: Ivan Ortenzi, BIP Chief Innovation Evangelist, explained that Open Innovation in isolation is not enough, it needs Open Company and Open People; Gloria Gazzano, General Manager of dBridge, discussed how the added value of technological innovation rather than being innate is dependent on how it is used; and Flavia Marzano, City Councillor for Roma Semplice, described some success stories of Open Innovation in the public administration.

The active participation of those present confirmed the key word of the initiative: sharing.