Integrated reporting: Enel's new website speaks to all its stakeholders


Beyond Reporting 2022 is the new site where we present our official reporting documents and explain the values and strategies from which they arise: a communication no longer aimed only at shareholders, but at all stakeholders in the Group's activities.

By now it’s well known that, in order to meet global demand in the fight against climate change, a rapid transition to energy systems based on the use of zero-emissions electricity is becoming increasingly urgent and necessary. So how can we, as Enel, contribute to the creation of a system that ensures energy independence and security, sustainability and affordability, as well as environmental protection? The answer to this seemingly complex question can be found on our new Beyond Reporting 2022 website.

The starting point is our efforts in the fight against climate change, a priority fully integrated into our Group's strategy. Through a strategic and future-oriented focus, the new site provides a holistic view of Enel, our sustainable and integrated business model, and the related process of value creation in the medium and long term.

Beyond Reporting 2022 is an interactive tool that guides the user through the different perspectives of value creation measurement and analysis through integrated paths that demonstrate the Group's decision-making and reporting processes while taking into account the expectations of all stakeholders.

The information connections within the site help users understand the combinations, correlations and dependencies of the different factors that enable Enel to create value over time. In addition, the detailed information reported shows our stakeholders how the Group understands, considers and responds to their specific needs in an effective way.

Clean Electrification is at the heart of our strategy for the near future and occupies a prominent place in our new site, along with customer centricity, the value of decarbonization, and grid digitalization.

Beyond Reporting 2022 offers an immersive, innovative and engaging digital browsing experience that will provide insight into our most innovative projects aimed at ensuring a rapid transition to renewable energy and the digitalization of energy infrastructure that is needed at the same time.

The new site is also a great place to learn about our broader commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector: get more details here.