Live the PlayEnergy experience


PlayEnergy is a competition (in an entirely digital format) organized by Enel that aims to promote the circular economy among young people and to stimulate their creativity in relation to the values of sustainability, innovation and the conscious use of energy.

PlayEnergy, how did the latest edition go?

PlayEnergy 2021 involved more than 7,300 entrants aged between 14 and 20 (Generation Z) in 7 countries – Italy, Greece, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Taking part individually or in small teams, players encountered challenges relating to sustainability, zero waste and the circular economy, laying the foundations for creating the circular city of the future.

The finalists chosen by the PlayEnergy jury tackled the Online Challenge, an innovative pathway optimized for remote working. They were tasked with designing a creative project for a sustainability-themed startup that they then pitched to an international Enel commission. The competition finalists and winners enjoyed a truly special experience at the Campus Party Spotlight.


The next edition

The 2022 edition will focus on electrification: the goal is to boost Gen Z’s awareness about a tool that is fundamental for the energy transition towards a decarbonized world.

What happened during the previous editions?

The two previous editions, which were fully digital, attracted a total of more than 15,000 entrants and involved 5,000 activities.

The first edition involved three countries (Brazil, Greece and Italy), while this number rose to seven the following year.

You can watch the latest event again at this link.