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Accelerating electrification

Decarbonization will be achieved through electrification from renewable energy, and a key part of electrification will happen through electric mobility. If we want to make sure it spreads on a large scale, it’s crucial to develop increasingly efficient technologies as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to test them in extreme conditions – and MotoETM is a perfect testing ground. That's why we power the Electric Motorcycle World Championship, as Title Sponsor, with clean energy and advanced charging solutions developed by Enel X, MotoE's Smart Charging Partner. The Enel Group has been on track as MotoGP’s Sustainable Power Partner since 2019, working with Dorna to provide the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship with advanced energy solutions to increase the competition’s energy efficiency in its 75th season.

Accelerating the transition

For our species, acceleration is everything. It’s the force – the acceleration of gravity – by which the Earth draws us to itself. This invisible and constant force set our history in motion and has contributed to the evolution of humanity on our planet, which is now sending us an increasingly insistent message: it’s time to reduce our impact on Earth. It’s time to accelerate the transition.

MotoETM is all about acceleration. It’s…


ramping up the heartbeat of the drivers and the millions of spectators who watch a thrilling display of power, speed, pure adrenaline and zero emissions.


accelerating the innovations, fine-tuned and tested with each race on the most extreme test bench: when we have the opportunity to push it to the limit, technology unleashes its full potential.


like the electrification of mobility, taken to the limit on the track. A high-voltage, compelling preview of how getting around will be for all of us one day: fast, silent, zero-impact.


like the acceleration of renewables and grid digitalization: the key to the transition to a truly sustainable planet, whose growth is driven by electrification of consumption.

MotoE™ 2024

Follow all the races of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship 2024, and experience the thrill of zero-emission acceleration.
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Enel and eMotorsport

Competition and innovation are two interconnected concepts, and the history of motorsport is a concrete testimony to this. Ever since the championships of the early twentieth century, the quest for top performance in terms of speed, braking, cornering, aerodynamics and reliability has turned these races into laboratories of innovation and technology transfer: solutions applied to racing prototypes later become technologies available to everyone. Competition is thus a driver of innovation, and innovation today must be sustainable. Since 2018, this is the approach we’ve taken when we’ve chosen to support some of the major competitions in the new frontier of motorsport: electrically powered cars and motorcycles. Find out more about our commitment to eMotorsport.