Over the last six years Enel has reduced the figure for workplace accident frequency index by 63% and reduced the severity index figure by 50%.
Enel’s performance is also recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which places it among the world’s top power utilities.

Rome, November 12th, 2012 – Today, Enel Group Chairman Paolo Andrea Colombo and Group CEO and General Manager Fulvio Conti inaugurated the 2012 International Health and Safety Week at the Enel Auditorium in Rome. This Enel initiative, now in its fifth edition, aims to promote workplace health and safety as an active daily commitment for every employee of the Group and contractors. The opening day also featured interviews by video link with the Employment Minister, Elsa Fornero, and the multi-medallist Paralympics champion, Alex Zanardi.

Over the last six years Enel has reduced the workplace accidents frequency index by 63% and reduced the severity index by 50%. It has cut serious and fatal accidents by 88% for Enel Group personnel and by 61% for employees of contracting firms.

In 2011 Enel allocated some 78 million euros to its health and safety campaign, an increase of 26% on 2010. The Company has taken a particularly strong commitment to education and training in health and safety issues, delivering 1,100,000 hours of health and safety education and training in 2011.

This year saw the launch of a new project, “One Safety”, aimed at further improving health and safety standards within the Enel Group. The project also focuses on strengthening leadership on safety issues as well as on adopting safe behaviour. The project addresses all employees of both Group and contracting firms, to promote coordinated and synergic action. This commitment has led to the adoption of a single strategy for continuing improvement at Group level that nevertheless takes account of diversity of its members, in order to reach the ultimate target of zero accidents.

The results achieved in the field of workplace safety have also been recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the leading global index which tracks the performance of major companies in terms of their sustainability credentials. In 2012 Enel improved on its 2011 ranking in the Occupational Health and Safety category, with a well above the average score in the world electricity utility company sector, bringing it even closer to the best in class.

This week’s packed calendar of events dedicated to health and safety issues will involve all its nearly 75,000 employees based in the 40 countries in which the Enel Group and its contractors operate. During the day the Safety Awards ceremony took place, in recognition of the best practices aimed at achieving the Group’s “zero accidents” target, with presentations from the employees involved.


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