TIM selected in technical-economic negotiations tendered by Enel and will offer its advanced mobile network for the transmission of electricity metering data from digital meters
The project aims to improve the performance of Enel’s data transmission network and optimise cost management

Rome, August 3rd, 2015 - Enel and TIM have signed an agreement under which the TLC operator will provide its technologically advanced mobile network to exclusively transmit electricity consumption data from digital meters.  The project seeks to improve the overall performance of data management and to optimise related costs.

TIM will offer its latest-generation mobile network, using the Internet Protocol to ensure a high degree of data reliability and connectivity in order to deliver services useful to the general public.

These systems, which Enel will use for internal purposes only, are based on the new SIM used in devices that transmit electricity consumption data and will replace existing systems. They will ensure a more effective flow of data, enabling more efficient management of remote metering on the electricity network.

The initiative strengthens the existing collaboration between Enel and the Telecom Italia Group to seek out possible synergies between TLC and electricity infrastructures in order to develop sustainable development models and increasingly innovative telecommunications architectures that are capable of delivering advanced services.

Thanks to the agreement with TIM, which was chosen by Enel following a careful analysis and technical-economic negotiations with selected mobile telephone operators in Italy, Enel intends to obtain the necessary mobile virtual network operator licence from the Ministry for Economic Development for "machine-to-machine (M2M)" data transmission, as it owns the new SIMs and directly manages their installation.

"The transmission of billions of bytes of data to Enel’s central system each year makes our distribution network one of the most advanced in the world,” said Francesco Starace, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Enel. “This agreement, which is not intended to bring the Enel Group into the TLC business, is aimed at improving the internal management of the consumption data of our customers with more innovative and efficient systems.”

“We are very pleased to work with Enel on this major technology and service evolution,” added Marco Patuano, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia. “This agreement further confirms that the major players recognise the quality and reliability of our networks, as well as of our advanced platforms in support of innovative digital development solutions for Italy in the public utilities and smart energy fields”.


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