Enel: 800 students involved in the “School4Life” project, a joint path towards a sustainable future

  • In the 2020/2021 school year, the project launched through the partnership between the Enel Group and ELIS aims to involve 25 middle and secondary schools and prepare children for the world of work through learning and experimentation experiences


Rome, April 15th, 2021 - Around 800 students from 25 Italian schools across the country have joined the 'School4Life' project. Launched through the partnership between the Enel Group and ELIS, as part of the quality education support program (SDG 4) of the United Nations 2030 agenda, the project has a dual purpose. On one hand, to introduce young people to the opportunities offered by the energy transition and guide them towards the professions of the future, offering them a range of skills that are structured towards meeting the needs of the times. On the other hand, to tackle early school drop-out rates and educational poverty through a methodological approach based on experimentation and learning by doing. The project also aims to spread awareness among young people on the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to raise awareness of the contribution that companies can make in terms of sustainable development.

"Investing in sustainability education and the training and education of new generations has always been one of the cornerstones of Enel's activity, as well as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN's 2030 Agenda,” said Filippo Rodriguez, Enel's Head of Sustainability Italy. “In addition to giving more than 800 young people the chance to learn about the opportunities offered by a sustainable development model, “School4Life” will contribute to the dissemination of the United Nations' goals, to help broaden the understanding of sustainability matters linked to business and encourage the building of important cross-cutting skills, at the same time preventing school drop-out and educational poverty."

"The ELIS educational model aims to focus on three key aspects, specialized skills, learning in the workplace and human virtues,” said Pietro Cum, CEO of ELIS. “To encourage young people to be open to training, it is necessary to inspire them, introducing them to the professions of the future and giving them real experiences in the field. This project with Enel is part of the Sistema Scuola Impresa (school with business system) activities, building a bridge between school and business, with a particular focus on sustainability issues. By joining the workshops and talking to professionals working in the field on a daily basis, young people can begin to understand the importance of the SDGs and look at possible career paths that they may have not have considered until now."

The initiative, which has already begun in 15 secondary schools, sees the involvement of experts from the Enel Group as masters, role models and mentors. Enel Masters have been suitably trained by ELIS and teaching staff from the schools involved and their role is to make children more familiar with the world of work. After a theoretical introduction, they will support the students in projects, which simulate realistic challenges and problems, and will be points of reference to stimulate creativity and the expression of individual talent. Enel role models will have the task of motivating and encouraging students through relating their own experiences. Finally, Enel mentors will accompany students on a development path focused on soft skills, digital trends, diversity & inclusion, sustainability and innovation, core skills for a sustainable future.

On the other hand, in middle schools (10 in total), young secondary school "ambassadors" supported by Enel role models will encourage young people to choose technical subjects and innovative paths focused on the world of energy.

The course will end with a virtual tour of the company, to introduce young students to the energy transition path and Enel's sustainable innovation work.


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