Enel leads the debate on new SDG-based governance models: discussions in Rome attended by multinationals and more than 300 university students

Rome, January 18th, 2023 – Enel leads the debate on new SDG-oriented governance models. Enel, a leader in the main ESG ratings and indices, and sponsor of the Transformational Governance initiative of the UN Global Compact, hosted a one-day event yesterday in Rome to get together, discuss and delve into the new decision-making models that companies need to adopt in order to become more responsible, ethical, inclusive and transparent, improving their ESG performance and promoting a corporate culture built on integrity, fairness and inclusion.

Enel aims to encourage this debate and, since it is the largest multinational company in the electricity sector, it has the authority to promote global change by setting an example for the entire private sector,” said Giulio Fazio, General Counsel at Enel.

Throughout the day’s proceedings, coordinated by Sabino Cassese, Professor Emeritus at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa and Judge Emeritus of the Constitutional Court, and Giulio Fazio, General Counsel of Enel, more than 300 PhD students, master’s course students, specialists in the field, and general counsels of several multinationals discussed the governance models that will be required to tackle climate and social challenges today and in the future.

Laura Iucci, Fundraising Director of UNHCR Italy, and Michelle Breslauer, Senior Manager Governance & Peace of the UN Global Compact, also participated in the discussions.

Various case studies involving the development of SDG-oriented governance models were presented during the debate: from a conventional paradigm, whereby investment choices are made based solely on corporate economic interests, to models with a more long-term approach geared towards creating value not only for shareholders, but also across the board for local communities and society in general.

The Enel Group has long adopted this strategy, maintaining its position as one of the most ESG-conscious multinationals, which has all it takes to drive a change that will affect the private sector as a whole.


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