What's your power?

Each and every one of us has potential to fulfil. We are asking one question in order to understand people’s personality, potential, and creativity: “What’s your power?” is the beginning of a new relationship with the client


Featured Stories


World Energy Outlook, electricity is central

Alternative energy scenarios from today to 2040 were presented in the International Energy Agency report at the Enel Auditorium on 6 December: without action, the Paris targets will remain a mirage


Internet of Things, everything is connected

The 12th #EnelFocusOn was held in Bucharest. The theme: the Internet of Things in energy. The guest: expert Tom Raftery, who talked with Fabio Veronese, Head of Infrastructure & Networks Digital Hub at Enel, and a group of international influencers



EGP: a 10-year dream

In only 10 years, Enel Green Power has become the leader in renewables. The live streaming event #Renewables4All, which was held in Rome, discussed green energy and the future of the planet with Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power, and the macro trend expert, Patrick Dixon


Energy, development, education: creating measurable shared value

Through its sustainability projects, Enel contributes to the social and economic growth of local areas, from expanding infrastructures to establishing training programmes and inclusion initiatives



Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

The third Innovation Community MeetUp took place at the Enel Auditorium in Rome: Experiential Reality, developed thanks to the use of new technology, offers a new dimension that transforms human perception and can revolutionise industry


E-Mobility in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has already begun. One of its most promising sectors is electric mobility, particularly if the changes in the energy and transport sectors converge