What's your power?

Each and every one of us has potential to fulfil. We are asking one question in order to understand people’s personality, potential, and creativity: “What’s your power?” is the beginning of a new relationship with the client


Featured Stories


Davos at 50: for a more sustainable world

Protecting the climate and the transition to clean forms of energy took centre stage at the 50th edition of the meeting of the WEF in Davos from 21 to 24 January. Enel also played an important role


Enel at CES® 2020: Tech for good

From our best-selling electric vehicle chargers to Homix, our new integrated smart home system, Enel’s debut at CES showcased the innovative solutions that are powering sustainable options for homes, transportation, businesses, and cities



Our history, the history of energy

The energy transition is a process of historic proportions and is being driven by renewable energy sources. Enel is at the forefront of a transformation in which everyone must play a role


Putting people first: how diversity and inclusion can create value

Fostering diversity and inclusion provides businesses with an opportunity to innovate, improve the workplace environment and promote productivity



Open Innovation in itself is not enough

The sixth edition of the World Innovation Conference, which took place in Italy for the first time. Guiding the discussion was economist Henry Chesbrough of the University of California, Berkeley, creator of the approach that changed corporate perceptions of innovation


Enel “full cloud”: all the advantages of being the pioneers

We are the world’s first large utility company to fully embrace the cloud model, in which clients use IT services on a provider’s servers on a pay-per-use basis rather than using their own