What's your power?

Each and every one of us has potential to fulfil. We are asking one question in order to understand people’s personality, potential, and creativity: “What’s your power?” is the beginning of a new relationship with the client


Featured Stories


Enel, universities and the energy of knowledge

Rome was the venue for the third annual meeting of We4U, the university network coordinated by the Enel Foundation that is working alongside our Group in order to face the challenges presented by the energy transition

moving energy

Blue Economy: an ocean of opportunities

The economy’s future is changing colour. This is thanks to the Blue Economy, the circular economy focused on enhancing the resources of our seas and oceans



Solar energy in Brazil, the magic of cinema

Cinesolar is a solar-powered touring cinema which, thanks to the support of the Enel Group, brings the magic of the big screen to Brazil’s most isolated villages


Trino, the former power station converts to future-forward mobility

The former Vercellese power station is to be converted into an automotive and e-car-inspired theme park as part of the Futur-e project



Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

The third Innovation Community MeetUp took place at the Enel Auditorium in Rome: Experiential Reality, developed thanks to the use of new technology, offers a new dimension that transforms human perception and can revolutionise industry


E-Mobility in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has already begun. One of its most promising sectors is electric mobility, particularly if the changes in the energy and transport sectors converge