What's your power?

Each and every one of us has potential to fulfil. We are asking one question in order to understand people’s personality, potential, and creativity: “What’s your power?” is the beginning of a new relationship with the client


Featured Stories


Experience matters: the client at the centre

The 14th edition of #EnelFocusOn was held in Bogotá, Colombia. Together with Joe Pine, co-author of the bestseller “The Experience Economy,” we went in search of the many ways in which the digital transformation can enable companies to improve their customers’ experience and quality of life


Renewables, the power of female energy

There is a strong link between the female universe and clean energy: the energy transition offers new professional opportunities to women, and this benefits the entire sector



Litro de Luz: a light in the dark

Solar energy has brought electric light to a São Paulo favela for the first time, as well as to other communities around the world. This is thanks to a partnership between the NGO Liter of Light and the Enel Group


Enel’s energy is fighting climate change

Enel is at the forefront when it comes to energy systems with low greenhouse gas emissions. We are counting on renewable sources while also promoting energy efficiency and the uptake of e-mobility



Haifa, a “digital twin” that will revolutionise the network

The Network Digital Twin is the new frontier in data-driven network management. The new Infralab that Enel has just inaugurated in Haifa is developing a solution which is destined to bring radical change to the way we manage our networks


Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality?

The third Innovation Community MeetUp took place at the Enel Auditorium in Rome: Experiential Reality, developed thanks to the use of new technology, offers a new dimension that transforms human perception and can revolutionise industry