From zero to one hundred

Published on Wednesday, 31 May 2017

“We are planning on building in a short time a flexible infrastructure that can quickly adapt to the needs of the future, but above all that makes the life of the owner of an e-car immediately like that of someone driving a traditional car. Or even better”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Enel is the world's most advanced electric utility,” stressed the founder of Symbola, Ermete Realacci, who, among other things, is honorary President of Legambiente. He also stated that “it is able to create the conditions for a decisive boost toward the spread of electric mobility in Italy. It is a very important goal to reach in the short term, if we consider that in Italy more than 60 thousand people die because of fine particles every year". 

“It is an enormous challenge that matches perfectly with recent statements by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who said that it is time for Europe to take its fate into its own hands. Well, we now know that in this field Italy can lead the way”

– Ermete Realacci, founder of Symbola

As Starace and Realacci write in the preface to the book, “The hundred stories of excellence told in this volume show that Italy, despite everything, has risen to the challenge of a new era of mobility.” And they represent “a stimulus to head in the right direction so that electric cars can spread increasingly in Italy as well.” Put otherwise, they have the strength of a hundred armies. Not to win a war, but the more important challenge of leaving future generations a better world.