Seeding Energies, the digital transition

Published on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

“In the continuous search for economically sustainable optimization of processes, Enel is working on the realization of various initiatives aimed at digitalising the activities based on the use of paper”

– Seeding Energies - Sustainability Report 2016

Invest in information security

In a scenario in which the management of IT risks, which are continuously growing, has become a priority at global level, at Enel, cyber security is a fundamental element of the digital strategy.

An accurate assessment of the possible risks from the early stages of the design of applications, systems and processes, and the determination of countermeasures at global level are the foundations of the new model.

The results of this strategy have been immediate. In 2016 alone, the protection systems of the Enel Group have blocked approximately 600,000 incoming e-mails, whether malware or spam, 800 viruses and 700,000 attempts of malicious incoming connections, managed 150 computer security events of varying severity and reported more than 400 suspect Internet domains with illegal use of the Group brand and about 80 hostile attacks by cyber activists on average every day. About 300 activities have also been carried for the systematic review of the level of protection achieved by computer systems and applications.

The “ICT Security Awareness” programme continued in 2016 as well. It is a permanent and ongoing initiative at Group level that provides for both campaigns on general issues and specific initiatives related to specific risks with the purpose of creating and constantly promoting a culture of cyber security. The goal is to improve behaviour in response to threats and attacks that exploit the habits and expectations of users.

The year 2016 also saw the global campaign “Cyber Risks” addressed to all people working at Enel, divided into four thematic modules including the risks deriving from the ease of connection, the security of data and information, the use of secure technologies also outside the workplace and security in the use of mobile devices.

Appreciation and accolades

In 2016, within the framework of the “Governance Advisors Digital Award,”  an accolade created by the consulting firm Governance Advisor for the effort made by Italian companies in the digital transformation process, Enel won first prize in the “Processes” category. This accolade follows the one obtained by Enel in 2016 for innovation: the WAIA (Wired Audi Innovation Award) in the “Big Company” company, that was awarded mainly for the support to renewable energies and to digitalisation, thanks to the widespread dissemination of smart meters, remote monitoring and system connectivity.


“Enel is transforming its business model by leading an energy transition focused on digitalisation, renewables and networks”

– Seeding Energies - Sustainability Report 2016