New Hires Global Program: innovating talent

New Hires Global Program: innovating talent

We train our young people to always put themselves to the test so that they can continue to grow by innovating.

A key element in Enel’s training is to make the most of skills by bringing them out and expressing them through our values and as part of an open vision that is constantly changing. The Enel New Hires Global Program was developed by the Group Human Resources Department, in collaboration with the Innovation and Sustainability Office, to guide change in the company and to make innovation an integral part of the inclusion pathways for young graduates hired by Enel in the countries where it operates and in its business units.


A week as a startupper

“Enel New Hires Global Program is not just a workshop, but a training journey. In 2016, a total of six sessions were held, each lasting one week. They were attended by a total of 230 young graduates from around the world and hired over the last two years”, explains David Ricco, Head of Group Training and Recruiting. The pathway follows the orientation activities carried out locally and guides young hires in learning more about the reality in which they will be working. About a year after being hired, graduates are engaged for five days in intense exchange and relational activities, gaining first-hand experience of innovation and of our Open Power values. The model takes inspiration from the world of start-ups. The idea is to make this week an opportunity to develop know-how and expertise, building a set of skills to be applied everywhere, not just within the company.

“Our target is to foster contamination which is much more than just involving people in group activities and fitting them into the organisation. Our vision is to train a new generation that is able to spread our values and working methods through behaviours that come naturally”

David Ricco, Head of Group Training and Recruiting Holding

“We are a changing company in a rapidly changing world and this course is a way to ‘inject Open Power’ into the life of these young people, along with our innovation values,” stresses Nicoletta Rocca, Head of Human Resources and Organization Global ICT and Global Procurement.

“Watching these young talents put themselves to the test, work in teams, overcome geographical boundaries and barriers linked to their role within the company, as they try, make mistakes and tell about their ideas is an incredibly exciting experience. It is perfectly in line with our strategy and offers a glimpse of our future”

Nicoletta Rocca, Head of Human Resources and Organization Global ICT and Global Procurement


Inventing innovation

During the last Enel New Hires Global Program, the young hires were projected into the world of start-ups. They were asked to put themselves to the test in a creative and free space. Every day covered a new phase of development: the design of a start-up starting from the generation and selection of the best ideas, study and in-depth analysis (including surveys and tests outside of the classroom), execution and production of a prototype, preparation of the presentation, and the final pitching. This word comes from baseball and it means presenting an idea quickly by stressing its pros and strength, thus ‘pitching’ it as you would do with a ball, hoping that someone will hit a home run. The work was intense and engaging and supported through the coaching activities, the analysis of group dynamics, the assessment of errors and revisions and a range of tools designed to address every aspect of the project, ranging from the business plan to communication. It is a week during which young hires learn that innovation is leadership. Five days of debate with the Group management to think out of the box, expressing at best young people's talent and tearing down the border between possible and impossible, finding solutions to real problems.