The energy leading us towards sustainable change

The energy leading us towards sustainable change

La nuova campagna multibusiness di Enel conferma il posizionamento strategico di “What’s your power?” mettendo al centro la sostenibilità, le persone e il cambiamento.


We all have our own personal energy, a potential to express, an ambition, a dream. “What’s your power?” marks the start of a new relationship with clients, one based on one of our guiding values - sustainability. That means environmental sustainability, of course, but much more besides.

“Is your energy guiding you towards a more sustainable world?” is the question that opens Enel’s new multibusiness campaign, which provides tangible examples of our Group’s commitment to developing sustainable solutions for people and their environment. These examples include zero-emissions e-mobility by Enel X, smart home technology for more aware management of energy in the home, Enel Green Power’s renewable energy and digital smart grid innovations that make our cities increasingly efficient and connected.

Open Power, our Group strategy, is the starting point for change that generates innovation and competition. Being Open Power means placing people at the heart of an ecosystem where access to energy is freer and more aware. And it’s a world that’s open to new technologies, uses and connections, where sustainability is a springboard for progress.

Environmental sustainability is now a top priority, and renewable sources play a central role in our operations, so we are seeking to bring “the energy of nature” into tens of millions of homes. From geothermal to wind, from hydroelectric and solar power to futuristic installations that integrate the various sources like the geothermal-solar plant in Stillwater, Nevada. Driven by our well-established commitment to the welfare of the environment, which has now enabled us to become the world leader in the renewable energy sector, our solutions are becoming more sustainable every day. We want to take this commitment even further, with the objective of being completely carbon-free by 2050.

Being sustainable also means prioritising social progress and using people’s energy, improving living conditions for the communities we operate in and providing access to energy even in the remotest areas. To promote social sustainability we have adopted a participatory approach: local communities are no longer spectators, they are now involved in the decision-making process from the outset. This model of dialogue is dictated by a desire to bring out everyone’s potential, everyone’s energy.

We started from the simple process of supplying energy and then combined it with the most advanced technology. This then led to the creation of over 2.2 million kilometres of networks developed through innovative, cutting-edge solutions. Nowadays it is digital networks that supply energy to our cities - increasingly smart, interconnected cities where renewable sources and zero-emission services play a crucial role.

We are bringing the energy of innovation into every home with services and products specially developed to reduce consumption and make it more efficient. Artificial Intelligence, smart homes, energy storage and demand response: these are the key new concepts for managing energy in an even smarter, simple and more aware way.

Just as sustainability is not an exclusively environmental matter, innovation doesn’t only involve technology. Innovating means welcoming change as a path to improvement. Innovation is every idea, every form of shared knowledge. Innovation is dialogue, communication and energy.