Y_Our Power: traveling with Enel

Y_Our Power: traveling with Enel

The second edition of Enel’s Onboarding program is here, fostering the creation of a global community based on the values of our Open Power approach

We have always worked hard to make our new employees feel included and part of one big family right from the start. Nor has the current situation changed the welcome that our Group extends to our young co-workers from all over the world. 

Once again this year, we have created a very special welcome for the young graduates with no previous work experience who joined the Enel Group: a training program that actively fosters the creation of a global network and promotes a culture based on our values. A six-month “journey” spread over four phases – two that are local in nature and two that are more global. It began with a one-week group meeting in July and will end in January 2021 with the online Challenge Week, during which participants will be tasked with devising innovative solutions to company challenges. 

Launched last year, the “New Global Onboarding Training Program”, as it is known, has as its motto “Y_Our Power(meaning your power is our power). This is to emphasize the idea that we genuinely want to make our new recruits feel included through networking, sharing experiences and passions, and training that will foster their entrepreneurial spirit.


A virtual but interactive experience

This year, the program welcomed 80 young employees between the ages of 22 and 28, 41 of whom are women and 39 men, from eight countries in which we have a presence: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the United States.

The main difference from last year was the fact that the program could not be held in person for very obvious health and safety reasons. That did not stop us, however, and we began a webinar-based training program in July. Despite the physical distance between them, the participants embraced the experience with warmth and enthusiasm. It was a busy week full of new information and exchanges of ideas, providing all those involved the opportunity to build a global network with their colleagues, an invaluable resource that they can take with them throughout their professional career in Enel.


Trust, responsibility, innovation, proactivity

The event was split into four parts, each focusing on a different Open Power core value: trust, responsibility, innovation and proactivity.

The first week opened with a day devoted to Trust, during which our co-workers met Enel management, who described in detail the Group’s huge commitment to its goals.

The days that followed were dedicated to the value of responsibility, which was examined through such themes as sustainability, people care and diversity & inclusion, and of innovation. This was done through creative problem-solving, which was applied to real business challenges, and proactivity, with the support of colleagues in Health & Safety.

“We listened to our new co-workers to ensure that this program coincided with their expectations and their needs. We looked at the experience from their perspective: from the point of view of people who have just joined a big international corporation and are taking their first steps in the highly unusual times we are living in,” explains Silvia Valsecchi, head of People Empowering Training at Training Holding and coordinator of the project with Daniele Santilli of our People Empowering Training team.

The fact that the program was delivered remotely did not hinder participants’ desire to create not just professional relationships but also personal bonds: “I think this is an opportunity to reach out to everyone all over the world and make them feel they are onboard, to create an open, inclusive environment where they can genuinely play an important role,” says one young recruit, Giulia Rossi.

At the end of the program, the participants will bring their experience they took onboard back to their own working environments, which means that they too will be ambassadors for Enel’s Open Power culture.