e-Legal, you need energy to play the game

e-Legal, you need energy to play the game

Enel’s legal game contest, which is now in its third edition, is open to entrants from different companies for the first time. All the legal teams taking part worked until the end of July in order to hand in their entries, which the Jury assessed and selected for the semifinals. The legal teams challenged each other during 3 semifinals in November, when they presented their work on sustainability. The final will be held on December 15th

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Playing helps us grow, at any age, because it always pushes us to change perspective and explore new possibilities. And playing with legal issues in a team competition is a tool for innovation that enables those taking part to develop teamwork skills and lateral thinking, as they look for alternative and unusual solutions. That is precisely the goal of e-Legal 2020-2021, the latest edition of Enel’s legal game: a fully-fledged format that has already won a prize at the Best Event Awards, the Italian festival dedicated to events and live communication.
The game’s slogan is: “Think in a different way. Think in a new way. Have fun.” This time, the competition was open to legal professionals from other companies too, and attracted a total of 50 teams from some 20 countries.

The teams were put together randomly, by picking legal professionals from different companies. The game mechanism – which stems from an idea by the Group’s general counsel Giulio Fazio, Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs – is an immersion in relevant legal issues. It leverages contributions by participants who are not experts in the legal field being analyzed in depth. The idea is to facilitate a change in perspective as they try to find a solution.

The central theme in the teams’ work was sustainability in all of its facets: the teams challenge each other in tackling issues that range from environmental law to sustainable finance.

In all of these contexts, the legal approach takes on a role that is crucial in two ways: as a tool to incentivize virtuous and sustainable actions, and as a key for interpreting laws and contractual relationships.

The game’s objective is to focus on these aspects in order to find innovative solutions and suggest new approaches.

Teams have reflected, for example, on how we might remove the obstacles that hinder the circular economy’s complete development, on how intellectual property can complement sustainable development, and on how sustainable finance can take on an even more important role in the fight against climate change.

The teams worked hard for three months, investing a considerable amount of time and energy in the project, and in July they presented their studies to a Jury of internal and external legal professionals. Their work was judged in terms of its originality, level of legal detail, and the improvements proposed in terms of sustainability. As is now the tradition in the legal game, no rules were imposed and teams were granted complete flexibility to present original and innovative projects.

In October, 12 teams were selected to compete in the three semifinals, which have been divided according to geographical area: Italy, South America and Rest of the world. Then, on November 10th, 11th, and 12th, the finalists were determined. The final will be held on December 15th, when the winning team will be proclaimed.

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