Human rights

Our pledge to respect human rights is the guiding principle that permeates all our activities and it is fully integrated into our corporate purpose and values. In particular, Enel promotes the respect of all internationally recognized human rights in conducting its business and requires its contractors, suppliers and commercial and financial partners to adhere to the same principles.



Enel upholds the United Nations’ Protect, Respect and Remedy framework, in a decision approved by the Board of Directors. Its human rights policy reflects this by strengthening and expanding on the commitments already enshrined in its Code of Ethics, Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan and Model 231. The Policy identifies eight principles, classified into two macro-issues – labor practices and community relations – which anyone who works for Enel SpA and its subsidiaries must respect in performing their duties.



Enel has developed a specific human rights due diligence process covering the entire value chain in the countries where it operates. This process complies with international reference standards and is divided into four phases:

  1. assessment of the risk perceived by key stakeholders, at the individual country level, with regard to labor, local community, and environmental rights;
  2. gap analysis to identify and analyze the organizational and risk control systems;
  3. development of action plans, to improve in areas identified in the previous phase;
  4. monitoring of action plans and remedies.



In each country where the Enel Group operates, specific improvement plans are defined with actions planned that cover 100% of operations and sites.

Furthermore, if stakeholders – whether employees or external – identify any violation of the Group’s commitments, they can report it using the appropriate channel.

Human Rights Policy

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Enel position on Colombian Coal supply

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