Reliable, secure and continuous distribution, innovation and personalized digitalization together with quality, efficient and transparent energy and services sales mark every phase of our relationship with our customers in all the countries where we operate around the world. 

million electricity and gas customers
million kilometers of networks
million people benefiting from new connections in rural and suburban areas

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Latin America is at the center of the energy transition and electrification process, especially with regard to electric mobility. In fact, cities are under increasing pressure to electrify and decarbonize their transportation systems due to the growing urban population and pollution levels.

Urban transport: Enel X’s experience in Latin America

Enel X Colombia has secured two contracts to supply six electric terminals and 412 electric buses for the TransMilenio public transport system in Bogotá. Jointly, the six electric terminals will have a total of 473 smart charging points with the capability to charge 878 electric buses.

In Chile, Enel X is supplying smart charging infrastructure for 435 electric buses in Santiago spanning a total of 11 electric terminals, 40 smart bus stops and 245 charging points.

In Lima, in partnership with the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP) and the Canadian public utility, Hydro-Québec, we have launched the first electric bus equipped to collect data in real time: the resulting information will be used to lay the foundations for Peru’s national electric transport system.

In Uruguay, we have installed a smart charging monitoring system for 20 electric buses managed by the private operator Cutcsa.

Enel X is also developing commercial relationships that will help achieve 100% electric transport in Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

Innovative offerings in the region include Ebus-as-a-Service (EaaS), an end-to-end model in which we supply a combination of solutions ranging from electric bus fleet financing to smart city services, smart charging options for electric buses and electric terminals.