Enel People

Enel People

Trust, responsibility, proactivity and innovation are the core values of our Open Power approach. It aims to create an open, dynamic working environment that fosters an entrepreneurial outlook, risk-taking and discontinuity management, as the result of the increasing inclusion of diversity.

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The inclusion of diversity and the leveraging of people’s multiple and unique talents are essential factors in the creation of long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders. Inclusion = Value is the paradigm that substantiates this approach, an increasingly relevant one in view of the changing conditions we are experiencing in the business, where the ability to imagine new scenarios and to dynamically co-create innovative solutions by leveraging the varied mix of individual characteristics is fundamental. 

MIND THE GAP – beyond gender bias

Is remote working while sharing your work space with family, an act of heroism or an obstacle to getting work done? It’s an unequivocal scenario, even though the way we see – and the language we use toward – a colleague, be they male or female, who works from home may be very different, and reveal the kind of stereotyping that can lead to discrimination.  

This is why Enel launched Mind the Gap, a global communications campaign to train people to recognize – with a touch of irony – prejudices and discriminatory behavior. It takes the form of cartoon strips that raise the veil on subtle biases that still exist toward women in companies, and focus our attention on the language we use in our day-to-day work and the impact of words. It also offers new kinds of behaviors that inspire a sense of welcome, wellbeing and inclusion. The result is six comic strips that are available in several different languages in which the only hero is good sense: stereotypes are overcome and the ending is rewritten from the perspective of equality. We also launched a call to action for more stories to be submitted.

The campaign was conceived and developed using the experiences and feelings shared by a team of female colleagues who work in male-dominated technical areas and who have experienced the different kinds of biased thinking that can be found in the strips. The concept for the campaign was developed in-house in Enel and presented as part of “Make It Happen!”, a corporate entrepreneurship program that helps the company culture evolve by promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. The cartoon strips were also devised in-house.