Conservation of natural capital

Protecting natural capital and combating climate change are strategic factors and integrated into the planning, operation and development of our activities. As an energy company, our operations depend on natural resources, but at the same time, they have an impact on them. For this reason we integrate risk and opportunity assessments into our decision-making processes and our Group governance, and we set specific targets for reducing our impacts on nature, restoring habitats, and sharing the benefits of ecosystem services with the communities with which we interact.

g/kWh specific emissions of SO2 (0.07 g/kWh in 2021)
g/kWh specific emissions of NOX (0.35 g/kWh in 2021; -8.6%)
g/kWh specific emissions of dust (0.005 g/kWh in 2021)
l/kWheq total specific freshwater withdrawal (0.25 l/kWheq in 2021; -8.0%)

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