The responsible use and conservation of water resources are fundamental guarantees for the protection of natural habitats and the well-being of the people around us who use the ecosystem services provided by these resources, as well as being essential to the success of our own activities, which also depend on them to a significant degree.

l/kwheq total specific freshwater withdrawal (0.25 l/kwheq in 2021; -8.0%)
,000 ML withdrawals from scarce water sources (56.4 ,000 ML in 2021; -4.8%)

In order to ensure the sustainability of our activities in terms of water resource use and management, three main guidelines have been identified:

  • The efficient use of water resources, reducing water requirements in all productive processes and, where possible, promoting internal reuse, with particular attention to water-stressed areas.
  • The optimization of waste treatment and the safeguarding of water quality in the destination environment, through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and management practices. This is in full compliance with the limits outlined by the national regulations and the relevant authorities.
  • The responsible and integrated management of water catchment areas in order to preserve multiple land uses and water quality.

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