Our Zero Emissions Ambition


Zero Emissions Ambition

We are building the path to zero emissions.

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We’re leading the fight against climate change through our commitment to total decarbonization. By eliminating our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions and moving towards sustainable electrification powered by renewable energy, we help ensure that our planet does not warm by more than 1.5°C, the maximum temperature increase established by the Paris Agreement in order to avoid a climate crisis.

We aim to reach zero emissions by 2040: that’s much earlier and much more ambitious than the global net zero goal set for 2050. We’re committed to eliminating emissions across all our direct operations, and indirectly through our suppliers and customers. We’ll also exit the natural gas business so that all the energy we provide to our customers is renewable electricity.

The Zero Emissions Ambition Report presents our zero emissions strategy within the context of the global energy transition to renewable sources and as a part of Enel’s decades-long fight against climate change. We outline key aspects of our strategy in the short-, medium- and long-term, supporting our future goals with our current actions to promote the energy transition.

GHG Inventory 2022

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