ABB FIA Formula E Championship

We are working with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to revolutionise the mobility world. Find out how these innovative technologies are changing the rules of that particular game

Competing for the future at 280 km/h

Thanks to Enel X technology, Formula E combines all the spectacle of blistering speed with zero-emissions mobility

Today second-generation single-seaters can complete a race with just one charge. This is thanks to powerful new batteries charged by the new Enel X JuicePump, which has a capacity of 80 kW

A Formula E car has a maximum power output of 250 kW with zero CO2 emissions for every 100 kilometres of racing compared to 20 kg produced by a fossil fuel-powered car

The number of car manufacturers that Enel is developing partnerships with both on and off the track grows from year to year

Formula E E-Prix

Find out more about the partnership between Enel and ABB FIA Formula E through the stories from E-Prix in which we participated.