ABB FIA Formula E Championship

We are working with ABB FIA Formula E to change the world of e-mobility. See how cutting-edge technologies are changing the game

Racing to the future at 200 km/h

Smart meters are at the heart of intelligent energy systems that monitor and manage consumption of entire energy networks at the race circuits

Enel provides the race events with energy from renewable sources, thanks to innovative glycerine generators and solar panels installed at the circuits

A Formula E car can reach a maximum capacity of 200Kw, with zero CO2 emissions for every 100km travelled; in comparison a fossil fuel powered car emits 20kg

A Formula E car carries 200kg of lithium cells, enough to charge 4,000 mobile phones. Recharging time is only 45 minutes, compared with around 330 minutes for a normal electric car

Formula E E-Prix

Find out more about the partnership between Enel and ABB FIA Formula E through the stories from E-Prix in which we participated.