A new world in the brazilian bairros of the Olympic Games

Published on Thursday, 28 July 2016

“In 2015 Ecoampla and Ecoelce enabled the recycling of 4,311 tonnes of domestic waste, subsequently turned into 858,150 Reais of discounts off electricity bills.”

The exchange of "geladeiras"

The waste recycling project, launched in 2007, has received an award from the UN and features among Brazil's 25 top innovations over the last decade. But it's not the only example of what can be done combining creativity, sharing and environmental care.

“In Brazil we have 21 ongoing projects that, based on the efficient use of energy, improve the conditions of life of more than 300,000 people.”

In 63 of the poorest municipalities in Ceará State, thousands of households involved in Coelce's initiatives for the low-income population have been taking part in the Troca eficiente (efficient exchange) programme over the last decade.

It's a simple idea: old and often malfunctioning electric household appliances are replaced by new and efficient ones. The exchange is free, people just have to turn up with their last paid-up electricity bill and their old "geladeira".

In 2015 we replaced 14,604 obsolete fridges and also introduced the collection of used light bulbs and household lamps.

Troca eficiente brings notable benefits for all: food is kept better, electricity consumption and hence electricity bills decrease, together with the risk of oil and gas leaks from old fridges inside the home, that are instead adequately dealt with, thus avoiding further environmental pollution.

The "new world" announced by the slogan of the coming Games is already upon us. Far from the Maracanã and the limelight of the Olympics, the over 200,000 Brazilians participating in the social projects promoted by Ampla and Coelce have already started to make it reality.