Heading for the future. London hosts Formula E eprix

Published on Friday, 1 July 2016

“Enel brings the intelligence of Big Data and smart metering technologies into the heart of the race, turning Formula E into the first world's event with a cutting-edge energy infrastructure”

Our technicians and experts are working side by side with the Formula E team, installing a fully digitised smart grid in the teams' boxes and paddocks, along the circuit and in the areas open to the public.

Faster than a Ferrari pit box

The race takes places in the green heart of London, among the streets of the Battersea Park, in a city circuit that was especially built for this occasion, turning the organization of the race into a challenge against time.

“In order to build all the circuit facilities from scratch in a metropolitan area you need rapidity, accuracy and efficiency. Enel's micro-grid is developing at the speed of a Ferrari pit box”

Our smart metering network brings into Formula E all Enel's experience and it's the base of the Energy Management System (EMS), giving real time data on energy consumption. All these infrastructures are installed from scratch in every race.

We are taking to London our most cutting-edge digital technologies and the best of our experience in the field of smart grids, Big Data and energy efficiency.

Racing for Earth's sustainable future

Figures on how energy is used during the event are directly displayed at the boxes of the single teams and at the Formula E headquarters, thanks to software that we have designed for this purpose.

The London ePrix is the first test on the circuit for the Enel's global power partnership with Formula E. It's a challenge within a challenge, a race within a championship that is long and ambitious and competes with the large metropolis in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“The installation of Enel's micro-grids in all the cities of the Formula E is the tangible demonstration that the future has begun”

After the race in London, the competitions of the next 2017 Circus will be awaiting us. We will actively embark on the challenge, shared with Formula E, of making the entire championship carbon neutral.

Developing, achieving and building our digitized and efficient system means being able to take the smart technologies everywhere and to shape smart cities - that is, the sustainable future of our planet - all over the world.