From energy to logistics, a new life for the former Carpi plant

Published on Friday, 11 May 2018

“We believe very strongly in this project, and the idea of a different future for the power station sites is also based on successful efforts made by the company to combine business requirements with the needs of the local area, with Carpi as an example”

– Marco Fragale, Head of Futur-e project

A project shared by the community

One of the main objectives of the Futur-e programme is to share the project with the region. This “Shared Value” approach, based on an analysis of the location and direct involvement with local communities through competitions, ideas workshops and round tables, is one of the keys to the initiative’s success.  

The mayor of Carpi, Alberto Bellelli, provides confirmation. “Our assessment of the project is very positive, because it means a part of the local area has been redeveloped rather than abandoned, and one benefit of this is that it will bring jobs to an area that has lacked employment opportunities for some time now.” Bellelli says he is “proud” of the collaboration with Enel. “When a private body is prepared to take on an investment of this size, concepts like regeneration, repurposing and reuse of land take on a real, tangible meaning.” This area around the town has long been the location for a number of installations and sites that make it a centre for recycling and recovery that “not only serves Carpi, but also gives our region a strategic role in the context of the circular economy.”

“The project has provoked a very positive debate in the town. The way the site regeneration will be handled has attracted special praise, as it reuses scrap and waste and takes a scientific approach to eliminating the project’s environmental impact”

– Alberto Bellelli, mayor of Carpi

And that’s not all. The sustainable construction site that will eventually become the Fossoli logistics hub is a sort of baptism of fire for Italy’s new regional urban planning law approved last year. This places reuse, regeneration and a halt to further land use at centre stage. “We anticipated the region’s legislative strategy, and the project is turning into a model for other structures in our area,” says Bellelli.  

From energy to logistics - Enel is a benchmark, with Carpi setting the standard for a circular economy.