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Diversity & Inclusion

Enel respects human rights and ensures non-discrimination, equal opportunities, and inclusion of diversity everywhere it operates. We believe that these principles are the best allies of innovation and sustainability.

Diversity & Inclusion approach

Inclusive thinking drives our innovation

Diversity surrounds us, enriching our lives and inspiring new ideas.

We represent an outstanding variety of countries and cultures, professional backgrounds and skills, ages, and abilities that are precious for the business. In a rapidly changing world, a mix of diverse people and approaches that work well together can create tangible value boosting the opportunities to discover innovative solutions for the customers’ needs.

We value the uniqueness of every individual and their multiple diversities, and we consider them as key ingredients in the success of our business. For this reason, we promote a culture that is open to diversity and encourages inclusivity.

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a deliberate act that we believe is ethically fair, empowers people, and is great for the business!


We believe in the principle of equal treatment of all colleagues based on their professional skills and abilities. All forms of discrimination are banned.

Equal opportunities

For us diversity is a value to be pursued and encouraged ensuring equal opportunities in all forms.

An inclusive working environment

Enel is committed to creating an inclusive working environment where all employees have the opportunity to participate in company processes with no explicit or implicit barrier.

Respecting work-life balance

Enel promotes work-life balance as a key factor to support work-life integration needs and for the full expression of an individual’s potential.

Equal representation in applications

In our selection process, we pay close attention to gender balance

At Enel, we work to ensure equal representation of men and women in the selection processes and encourage the managerial development of women. Women are a key part of our technical teams in distribution networks. They manage plants and relations with local communities, they guide innovative projects and work as engineers and technicians.

We also promote awareness-raising initiatives (both in schools and in the company) to encourage girls to pursue professional careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

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